COD has been in existence for 10 years this year. To celebrate this second anniversary we would like to take you along some of our most beautiful and special developments. Projects in which we have shown that we are pioneers in all kinds of forms. From a daring design to the use of beautiful sustainable materials.

We take you back in time.

COD Roadshow 2019

Episode #9/10Bas Van Veggel, Winno Pleijsier, Gert-Wim Bos, Enno Otten en Kees van der Linde take you trough the boulevard of broken dreams from the new COD Office in nhow Amsterdam rai. In the final episode they review projects where they pitched for but unfortunately are not realised by COD. Nevertheless they toast on all succesfully realised projects and future projects.

COD Roadshow 2018
Episode #9/10
Elise van Pieterson and Jan Stoop have planner a afternoon of shopping in the Megastores of The Hague and explain the redevelopment plans here.

Tim Luijt will then take you to COD's backyard, Kop Zuidas in Amsterdam. COD is currently developing The Newton in that area. COD has already developed five buildings overthere, including MotelOne, RIV // nhow Amsterdam Rai and SUD.

COD Roadshow 2017
Episode #8/10
Are you joining again? Today Ferdi Koorneef and Enno Otten are biking/driving to Maanplein The Hague. They will meet Willem-Joost de Vries for an update on the development and final phase of this project. Next thamara Smit will walk us through the specifics of the residential project ‘SPOT AMSTERDAM’

COD Roadshow 2016
Episode #7/10

Today Ferdi and Jelle cycle to Haarlem to visit the De Meester project together with Rik Bakker. then they continue their tour on to the Zuidas to visit the SUD project, where Jan-Peter Wingender tells us all the ins and outs.

Stay tuned for 2017!

COD Roadshow 2015
Episode #6/10

COD Roadshow 2015
Episode # 6/10

Today we cycle along NHOW Amsterdam RAI and visit the iconic hotel together with @reinier de Graaf. Then we visit Martijn Schenk who tells us more about the RIV // Amsterdam project.

Two weeks from de Roadshow will continue with Rik Bakker and Jan-Peter Winhov

COD Roadshow 2014
Episode # 5/10

We start this new year with a visit to the Werf in Amsterdam-Noord with Johan Verweij, Jos Luth and Gert-Wim Bos. Then we see a Walk & Talk by Pieter Bas Koevermans and Randy van den Broek about the De Nieuwe Boompjes project in Rotterdam along the Nieuwe Maas.

In 2 weeks we will see Reinier de Graaf and Marijn Schenk in our Roadshow through 2015.

COD Roadshow 2013
Episode # 4/10

This episode is dedicated to Wiechert Schenk.

We visit the project HOF with Roberto Meyer, Randy van den Broek and Ferdi Koornneef and then we see Het Generator Hotel together with Eric Priester.


COD Roadshow 2012
Episode #3/10

Today we will visit Prins en Keizer with Reinoud Plantenga, Enno Otten and Winno Pleijsier. Then we see Marco Ouwehand who tells us more about COD and the development of Martha Flora.


COD Roadshow 2011
Episode #2/10

Visiting 5 Keizers in Amsterdam with Diederik Dam, Enno Otten and Gert-Wim Bos and then on to Motel One Group Amsterdam with Joris Deur.

In 2 weeks our roadshow will continue in 2012 with Reinoud Plantenga and Marco Ouwehand.


COD Roadshow 2010
Episode #1/10

Visiting B. Amsterdam with Ricardo Van Loenen, Bas Van Veggel and Gert-Wim Bos and then on to Maanplein with Randy van den Broek.

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