Our conviction is that places need to be alive: whether this is done through the redevelopment of entire areas, residential buildings, hotels, multi-functional office buildings or a combination. The defining characteristics of our team are energy and creativity. We develop with an open-minded perspective, focused on opportunities. We discover and take initiatives by developing our own projects. Regardless of what we undertake, we always look beyond the merely functional. To us, development is about daring to opt for beauty in architecture, to think big and to look at what already exists from a new perspective.

We are COD,
Development Pioneers

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Our mission - Improving the wellbeing of people by creating inspiring environments.

A unique proposition is not something you get, but what you deserve. Swim against the current. Climb higher than the top of the mountain. Speak of today but always focus on tomorrow. Quality above everything else, meeting demand and always aim to deliver more. COD would not exist without the blind trust in each other and the partners that accompany us on the way to success.

Our vision - We are a leading real estate developer that dares to pioneer and is always on the lookout to find new ways towards beauty.

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