Our conviction is that places need to be alive: whether this is done through the redevelopment of entire areas, residential buildings, hotels, multi-functional office buildings or a combination. The defining characteristics of our team are energy and creativity. We develop with an open-minded perspective, focused on opportunities. We discover and take initiatives by developing our own projects. Regardless of what we undertake, we always look beyond the merely functional. To us, development is about daring to opt for beauty in architecture, to think big and to look at what already exists from a new perspective.

Energy and creativity are
COD’s defining characteristics

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Frank is van september 2007 tot april 2018 werkzaam geweest als vastgoedadvocaat, laatstelijk bij NautaDutilh in Amsterdam. In mei 2018 maakte hij de overstap naar COD als projectontwikkelaar en legal counsel.

Frank Spraakman

Real Estate Developer
& Legal Counsel
+31 6 30 27 88 30

I’ve been working in the real estate sector for twenty years, and I’m very proud to be in charge of COD’s day-to-day management. We carry out projects with courage, passion and creativity; functionality is important, but so is beauty. We create places where people like to live, work or play.

Gert-Wim Bos

Director +31 6 10 93 33 64

After studying architecture at TU Delft, I gained experience in the construction and development process at Heijmans. Since my switch to COD, where I focus more on architecture and quality control up to the execution phase, and development and redevelopment in particular.

Jelle de Groot

Real Estate Developer +31 6 15 49 71 84

To cut right to the chase, I think project developers have a responsibility to add lasting value. That’s the perspective I work from when I set up COD projects. I have broad experience within the real estate sector, from architects to contractors and from office development to homes and hotels.

Jos Luth

Project Manager +31 6 46 61 82 13

Lots of companies claim to be pioneers with a different approach to business, but in my opinion that really is the case with COD. They encourage you to take the initiative, and they have an energetic and enterprising culture. It’s important to feel in control of your destiny.

Randy van den Broek

Real Estate Developer M. +31 6 83 21 28 48

A large part of COD’s portfolio is converting vacant office properties. I graduated from the TU Delft after the use of prefabs to convert empty offices to residential. Not surprisingly, COD and I were a good fit. I’m currently working on project development from a broad creative, technical and financial point of view.

Ferdi Koornneef

Real Estate Developer +31 6 41 49 13 80

I work as an office manager at COD, responsible for all operational matters. Before I joined the business here, I worked as a financial advisor.

Marieke Korenjak

Office Manager +31 6 19 33 36 00

As a co-founder and shareholder of COD, I’m also managing partner at Timeless Investments, the Van Veggel family office. My focus is on real estate development, acquisition and creation, and I also stood at the beginning of B.Amsterdam. I have an entrepreneurial urge, so I feel at home at COD.

Bas van Veggel


At BK Ingenieurs I gained a lot of know-how in a variety of disciplines. In 2004 I switched to Borghese Real Estate, where I acquired a great deal of practical experience of developing retail, logistics, office and residential property. Since 2013, I’ve been involved in COD's day-to-day management.

Enno Otten

Director +31 6 46 14 46 93

My graduate research at the TU Delft was on crowdsourced real estate projects at COD, and I liked the company’s culture so much that I continued working here. I work as a project developer, with a focus on the front end. I’m responsible for ensuring that each project clearly bears the COD signature.

Amber Huizinga

Real Estate Developer +31 6 15 21 14 35

If I could summarize COD’s mission in one sentence, it would be making clients happy with beautiful, functional and sustainable buildings. Since 2013, I’ve been co-owner and active shareholder of COD, closely involved in various projects.

Winno Pleijsier

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