B. Amsterdam


The former IBM office on the Amsterdam ring road – a characteristic 40,000 m2 building with a unique history – was given a new lease on life by COD in 2014. Thanks to NEXT Architects’ innovative design, the building has since morphed into a lively beehive (B.) hotspot for start-ups, self-employed professionals and creative enterprises. A typical industrial appeal was created through the application of reused materials, transforming the building into a lively and inspirational environment for its users. With B.Amsterdam, a veritable city has arisen within a building, with space for working, sports, events and catering establishments.


A former typewriter factory


  • 40,000 square meters
  • Startup community
  • Flexible offices (50 percent startups, 30 percent corporates, and 20 percent facilities)
  • Bureau restaurant
  • Redevelopment of former typewriter factory and IBM office

The Bureau restaurant recently opened in the former IBM machine room on the top floor. It has its own roof garden, providing fresh vegetables and herbs. B.Amsterdam currently has three properties in the Netherlands, and the first in New York is under development. The concept mirrors the latest global workplace trends, and is set to expand even further into Asia.

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