This building in Scheveningen’s stately Westbroekpark has been given a new lease of life: its structure and location made it the perfect home for people with severe dementia. Together with Bronovo Martha Flora, COD has carried out a complete redevelopment.




  • 2,200 square meters gross floor area
  • 28 homes
  • Fully adapted for people in need of care
  • Major sustainability improvement
  • Delivered in the second quarter of 2014

The building was constructed as a sanatorium in 1907, and has been vacant since 2005. In line with Martha Flora’s philosophy, it has acquired a new identity as a private initiative in dementia care, built on the personal experiences of founder Marco Ouwehand and based on the scientific research and vision of Professor Anne-Mei The.

During the redevelopment, the building was adapted to comply with the strictest of requirements for care homes, and to provide high levels of sustainability while keeping costs manageable. It uses an impressive but unobtrusive home automation system that lets residents live as normally as possible and receive care when necessary. This project is a perfect fit for our ‘rediscovery’ vision, based on reusing existing infrastructure, maintaining sustainability, and creating future-proof buildings.

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