De Nieuwe Boompjes


Constructed in the nineteen-fifties, this building is currently an office building that fully satisfies all modern requirements. The Nieuwe Boompjes is a stately building on the Maas river with a gross floor area of ​​approximately 11,500 square meters. This former branch of the Nederlandsche Bank, designed by Henri Zwiers, became a listed monument in 1991. A distinctive building like this requires sensitive treatment.


Monument along the Maas River


  • 8,930 square meters floor area
  • Listed monument
  • Offices
  • Redevelopment began October 2014
  • Sold in January 2017

The redevelopment into semipublic multi-tenant offices by architects 01-10 can best be described as 'modern meets authentic'. The original vaults remained intact, as did the monumental mosaic stairway, customer hall and management rooms, and the façade has largely been retained. The original concrete skeleton has been exposed and integrated into the new office interiors.

The building now has a new main entrance on Terwenakker and an underground parking garage: an old and monumental structure in an attractive new guise. Not surprisingly, four organizations immediately applied to become tenants: Parthenon-EY, KAAN Architecten, Vereniging Nederlandsche Assurantie Beurs, and Unibarge. This is a wonderful place in which to work and welcome customers.

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