De Werf

Amsterdam North

Amsterdam-North is buzzing with activity. There is lots going on here: cultural warehouses, incubators, superb cafes and restaurants as well as interesting events held every week. With the characteristic NDSM wharf as a site that still exudes its shipbuilding history, and which is being expanded with new residential buildings, Amsterdam-North is hot: even taking into consideration the shortage of housing for students and starters. This is, of course, part of our project. On one of the biggest plots in the area, COD has developed an ensemble of 7 buildings with 473 apartments, over 400 student housing units and two 60-metre towers. The project covers a gross floor area of 73,000 m2.


Industrial magnet


  • 473 apartments
  • 403 student residences
  • 142 parking spaces
  • Green roofs
  • Two 60-meter towers
  • Total gross floor area approx. 73,000 square meters

Each building in OZ is of a different height and in a different style, and each block will have its own architectural identity. The buildings are connected to a shared garden where residents can meet, and the mix of functions on the ground floor creates a lively atmosphere at street level. De Werf offers a city-center lifestyle, but with the tranquility of the IJ right outside.

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