The Kop Zuidas has created a new central axis for the city, an ideal living and working environment closely connected to the Amstel and offering attractive natural surroundings. SUD, by COD and Office Winhov architects, is a residential complex with a total gross floor area of 7,500 square meters.


Excellence is in the details


  • 7,000 m2 gross floor area houses
  • 45 apartments
  • 500 m2 gross floor area retail space
  • Underground parking garage with storage
  • Construction begins in the first quarter of 2018
  • Completed Q2 2020

The semi-open block structure reflects two distinctive design traditions of the adjacent Rivierenbuurt: the classic closed block with an inner courtyard, and the modern strip construction on the district’s southern edge connecting landscaped courtyards to streets. It will have characteristic rounded corners, continuous balconies, three-meter ceilings, and high, wide bay windows that let in plenty of daylight and provide generous views.

The building is an attractive place for urban professionals who want all the facilities they need within easy reach. SUD, located next to a half-green, half-paved square, offers apartments ranging from approximately 60 to 145 square meters, two 200-square-meter penthouses, 45 apartments, and an underground parking garage. When you’re surrounded by greenery and urban vibrancy, life doesn’t get any better than this.

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